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Welcome to the EYFS page!

This is the web page that belongs to the children in Mrs Chafer and Mrs Walker’s class. We will update the page at the beginning of every half term with what topics and learning the children will be enjoying that half term. We will be posting a gallery of photos of your children having fun in their new environment. Also we will add any documents or web sites that we feel would be useful for you to access at home. We do hope you find it useful.

This half term the children will be learning lots of new things and having lots of fun through the following topics ;

1st 3 days – “The three little pigs” – we will be enjoying the story with your child and introducing them to the “3 pigs construction yard” on our outdoor classroom. The children will be making pink piggy masks.

Week 1 –  All about me! -The children will be thinking about themselves and their bodies. Theey will be painting and drawing self portraits. They will also be starting well-being sessions every day and will be learning about their feelings. They will be learning the names of their class mates and sharing their treasure boxes with their new friends. We will be beginning to assess where they are at in their development and will be planning for the next steps in their learning.

Week 2 – Me and my family – The children will be talking about their families and people who are special to them. We will be making houses from junk materials and will be learning our addresses. The children will be looking at different families and how each family is special and different to their own.

Week 3 – Me and my new school – In this week the children will be thinking about their new school and will be learning about the people who help them at school. They will continue to learn about their new friends and will think about sharing and turn taking with their peers. They will think about the things they are good at and things they want to learn.

Week 4 – All about me – keeping healthy –  This week the learning will be based around the story “Oliver’s vegetables”. The children will be thinking about ways to be healthy. They will be making healthy lunch boxes and sorting foods that are healthy and those that we should only eat as treats. They will be playing in our “Medical centre” which will be set up in the role play.  They will also be creating faces using fruit and vegetables in the style of the artist Archenbaldo.

Week 5 – Harvest and “The little red hen” –  This week the children will be learning about harvest and why we celebrate it. They will be enjoying the story of the Little red hen and will be making bread. The children will be painting red hens and will be making rocking hens.

Week 6 and 7 – Autumn – Over the last two weeks before half term the children will be enjoying exploring the outdoor environment and the changes that are now taking place. They will be enjoying the stories about “Percy the park keeper” and will enjoy playing in Percy’s workshed which we will set up in the outdoor role play. The children will be creating Autumn collages and singing Autumn songs.

Each week the children will be reading, writing and learning about maths. These will happen every day in different and fun ways linked in to the topic we are enjoying. The children will also be doing daily phonics lessons where they will be learning about the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. Please look out for a video I will be creating over the next week to introduce you to how we teach phonics and reading. I will be talking about how to help your child at home with their reading and phonics. It will be posted on this page.

The children will take part in 2 Physical development sessions a week. One will be led by myself and will focus on basic PE skills. The second will be a “Jo Jingles” session which will focus on music and movement. The children will also be accessing lots of physical development opportunities on the outdoor classroom every day.

There are lots of other things that your child will be learning each week. I have attached our yearly overview which outlines the learning that takes place in each area throughout the year. The children have a lot of fun this half term and learn lots through guided activities and independent self chosen activities. They may be very tired and may be a little grumpy at  home in the evenings so please bear with them whilst they get used  to their new routine.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Chafer and Mrs Walker.

Yearly overview of learning

Yearly overview

Learning to Read Part 1

Learning to Read Part 2

Learning to Read Part 3