Mrs Woodward’s Class

A warm welcome to class 3.

I know this year is going to be busy with lots of learning and fun along the way!

This half term our topic is Monarchs. This topic lends itself to a lot of cross-curricular activities which makes the children’s learning exciting and meaningful.

We will be looking at Monarchs through the ages and extending the Victorian period in English with classic stories: Oliver Twist and Street Child. We will continue to develop the children’s Geography skills looking at English counties and delving deeper into places in London like Bermondsey -South London where a lot of the stories took place.

Music through the ages will develop the sounds of the era and portraits in Art of Kings and Queens will be fun. How the development of technique and use of paint and other materials were used.

In Science we will be looking at Evolution and Inheritance looking at the development of animals, plants, humans, parent, offspring, similarities, differences, characteristics, variation.

Explore the meaning of ‘Global Citizenship’ What does it mean to be a Global Citizen? What is Global warming? Why is it import to conserve water? What is biodiversity? How can we make the world a better place? So… a lot to learn.

Swimming on Wednesday is very exciting this year as we will be in Seagrave! Don’t forget costumes and goggles on Wednesdays from next week! Goggles do require a signature and slip please.


Homework goes out on a Friday to be returned on a Wednesday. Spellings -Maths and topic work will be on the agenda. If your child struggles in the week please encourage them to bring it in and we will help.

Children must read each night and a signature in their diary is needed to show the next morning.

 In class 3 we strive to make your children independent learners. Remembering homework and PE kits, reading books and diaries is an essential part of their learning independence. Reading every night and for your child to get a parent/guardian’s signature develops their sense of self-regulating. Please help us to help them take on this autonomy.

Please see below in our knowledge Organiser – what we will be learning each half term. 

Kind regards, 

Mrs Woodward, Mrs Ingelton and Mrs Woodhouse

Autumn 1 2023 – Monarchy

Knowledge Organiser Autumn 1

Autumn 2 2023 – World War 2

Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2 

Spring 2 2024- Russia

Knowledge Organiser Spring 2 

Spring 1 2024 – Mad Science

Knowledge Organiser Spring 1

Summer 1 2024 – Indus Valley

Knowledge Organiser Summer 2 

Summer 2 2024 – My Body

Knowledge Organiser Summer 2 

Autumn 1 2022 – Space and Earth

Knowledge Organiser Proforma Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 2022 – Romans

Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2

Spring 1 2023 – Mad Science

Knowledge Organiser Spring 1

Spring 2 2023 – India

Knowledge Organiser Spring 2 2023

Summer 1 2023 – Changes

Knowledge Organiser Proforma Summer 1 2023