School Hours

Daily times and assemblies.

The school gates open at 8.40, this provides a 5 minutes window to drop your child off.  All children must be in and ready to learn by 8.45am.  From 8.45 – 9.00am the class teacher will provide morning activities. If you are running late and the automatic gates are closed please ring the buzzer and a member of the office will let you in and sign your child in.

Morning break is at 10.30 until 10.45. Milk is available daily and is free for the under 5s, you can register your child to receive milk with Coolmilk, fruit is also provided for EYFS and Key stage 1 children.  KS2 children can bring a healthy snack.

Lunchtime is at 12 noon and finishes at 1 pm. Children can bring a packed lunch from home or hot meals can be ordered on a Monday for that week, these are free for EYFS and Key stage 1 children and are £2.40 per day for key stage 2 children.

Assemblies are held in school:

Tuesday – Singing assembly.

Thursday – Class assembly.

Friday – Virtual WoW assembly.

Children also have an afternoon break; this is when there is a natural break in the learning decided by the class teacher.

Teachers will then see the children out and hand over to parents/carers at 3.15pm.

School is open from 8.45 – 3.15 providing 32.5 hours in a typical week.

Severe weather and emergency closure information.

Should the school have to close due to severe weather conditions, making it unsafe for children and staff to travel to school, or any other emergency situation, the school will inform all parents/carers via Arbor. Notice will also be put on the home page of the school website.